Frequently Asked Questions

So what does Umami do?

Umami is a video based interactive hiring platform; we connect restaurants, bars, and coffee shops with potential employees.

Through 40 years of working in the restaurant industry, we know that successful establishments hire "the person" and not what is on a piece of paper. In other words, we believe that people are more than what is on their resume.

Why does Umami exist?

We come from the restaurant world. We love restaurants, restaurant people, eating, and drinking. We have experienced first hand a cook shortage and the difficulty of finding good people to work alongside. We are here to solve that problem.

As a potential employee, what makes a good video?

You being you! Tell restaurant managers what you like and dislike, what your favorite band is, what you are working toward, what you do for fun, really what makes you tick, etc...

(Bonus points for skills like making a cocktail or showing off your knife skills.)

Who can see my video?

Only restaurant managers who have subscribed to our platform

Where do I put my resume?

While we'll collect basic background info, no resumes are needed here. As restaurant owners, we care about your actual skills, what makes you tick, and what you're passionate about.

How does Umami help me?

We want to help you build your career. If you're a cook, bartender, or barista, Umami allows you to show who you are.

In addition, Umami allows you to check out videos of restaurant owners, chefs, and GMs to help get a sense of who they are and the culture at their place.

How much does Umami cost?

$100/month for restaurant, bar, and coffee shop managers. These users can view categorized videos of potential restaurant workers across the entire platform.

Who owns it?

Sean So and Travis Stanley-Jones have 40 years combined restaurant industry experience. Together we have literally held every position in a restaurant, owned restaurants and personally worked with and for almost everybody you can name in the Pacific Northwest. To bring the idea to life, we've partnered with Prota Ventures.

What does Umami mean?

Umami is a category of taste in food that is almost undefinable. We like to think of it as the "ah ha" when a dish comes together, or when you mesh with someone and know they’ll be a perfect fit for your team or career.

I have an idea for you!

Great! Please email us at, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Can I get a job at Umami?

If you're interested in helping restaurant people find good places to work, we’d be honored to talk with you! Please email us at