Travis Stanley-Jones & Sean So - November 16, 2016

10 years ago a guy named Jack sent out the first ever Tweet it said, “Just setting up my twttr”

Today, 2 friends with 40 years of restaurant experience announce that we are “Just setting up my UMAMI profile”

UMAMI is a video based interactive hiring platform built specifically for the hospitality industry. Put in simpler terms we are creating an easy hospitality focused LinkedIn with a bit of YouTube or Facebook Live shaken in.

We are in private beta, which means a soft opening. We would LOVE your participation and feedback. You’ve been too, or a part of a restaurant opening? Think of Sean and Travis as the semi-stressed owners/managers that are super eager to listen to any feedback, advice, etc.

UMAMI was built on the pain of hiring. We know all too well the difficulty of finding a good place to work or a good employee to work with. We believe that people are more than their resume, that’s why we built UMAMI!

Thanks and Cheers...We will talk soon!

Travis Stanley-Jones & Sean So